Day Two


Maurie Dobbin
Managing Director
Teleresources Engineering

Designing your 5G IoT business strategy
  • How the 5g revolution will drive future innovations of IoT
  • How to tap into new revenue streams with 5G IoT
  • Linking IoT, 5G and analytics in smarter enterprise

John Stanton
Chief Executive Officer
Communications Alliance

How 5G will enable new business models that will reshape economies worldwide
  • Identifying new business models
  • How they can be integrated into your company’s competitive edge
  • Building a new business case that can support exploration and discovery

Maurie Dobbin
Managing Director
Teleresources Engineering

Fuelling your marketing engine with 5G power and speed

If you want to win in the 5G world, you need to start now to change the way you think about your products and services, and how to deliver, support and, of course, market them. This session will explore:

  • How to predict behaviours with the data every marketer has been dreaming about
  • How 5G will help to effectively produce a one-to-one experience for your customers
  • How 5G can reinvent e-commerce with VR and AR

Jodie Sangster
Chief Customer Officer - Asia Pacific
IBM Watson Customer Engagement

Networking break in solutions lounge

New networks, new risks: how to keep your networks secure?
  • What the new security challenges are
  • Why 5G network security needs to be taken to the next level
  • What kind of innovation is required in digital security to ensure future 5G networks are safe
  • How to design a strategy that will allow end-to-end security for critical services such as transport and logistics, health and social care, industry 4.0 and rural connectivity solutions
  • How 5G will help improve security in wireless systems and conversely what risks it will introduce

Todd Williams
NSW Cyber Security Network

5G and in-building coverage (IBC): a commercial property landlord perspective
  • What the current state and challenges with IBC and DAS (distributed antenna System) is
  • How 5G will change the state of play
  • What needs to happen and why we care

Alex Fuerschke
Senior Manager, Building Technology

5G for Vertical Industries- Use cases and technical requirements
  • What is Industry 4.0 and what is happening in Europe
  • What are the use cases and drivers
  • What is the current connectivity and limitations
  • How can 5G help vertical industries to achieve their objectives
  • What can be done to accelerate 5G adoption in verticals
  • What are the new business models for Industry, which can be facilitated by 5G

Marios Nicolaou
Senior Expert 5G Business Models (UK)

Why NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are vital to 5G
  • Why NFV and SDN represent the future of network administration and management
  • Why NFV and SDN are critical to set up agile, fast, scalable and efficient  platforms
  • What it means from a business perspective

Wei Ni
Team leader, Spectrum Review Implementation


Intelligence-led Big Data Analytics in a 5G World
  • Why the combined effect of 5G, IoT and Big Data Analytics can enable us to better understand the unprecedented tsunami of data generated every second
  • How this convergence will pave the path for Intelligence-led Big Data Analytics
  • Exploring a motivating scenario: how the convergence of 5G cellular, IoT and Big Data Analytics has the potential to change the Police Investigation process

Dr. Amin Beheshti
Head, Data Analytics Research Group & Founder Big Data Society,
Department of Computing, Macquarie University

5G Applications are driving computing to the edge
  • Why IT needs to be moved to the edge of the network to best prepare for 5G?
  • How to shift into a mindset that puts the edge, and interconnection, at the centre of network design
  • What is the importance of automation to manage real-time data centre performance and traffic volume

Iain Collings
Deputy Dean, School of Engineering
Macquarie University

Bespoke 5G services on demand: network slice as a service
  • Why slicing offers great scope for the development and deployment of new services for all users
  • Identifying risks and opportunities
  • How to effectively determine different KPIs for the slices
  • How to design a slice that supports particular use cases

Dr Robert Abbas
Senior Lecturer- 6G,5G, IoT ,SDN, NFV, MEC, Network Data Analytics and Security
School of Engineering, Macquarie University


Networking break in solutions lounge


Why cities and regional councils should be excited about 5G

  • How can cities benefit from 5G?
  • How can councils contribute to the successful rollout of 5G?
  • Why cities stand the most to gain from 5G and what needs to be done to reap the benefits

Matthew Schultz
The Australian Smart Communities Association

Smart Buildings & 5G: The Use Case
  • What elements will ensure reliable interoperability of the various components and systems that will comprise 5G deployments
  • Why connected real property is foundational as an enabler in developing the vast infrastructure required by 5G
  • Identify and solve network interoperability, compatibility and service provisioning aspects in developing Smart Buildings

Emma Hendry

When real time-tracking becomes actual real-time tracking: Logistics, drones, Internet of Things and 5G

IoT is bringing solutions to problems faced by businesses and industries across the world. The Logistics industry is always looking for opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in transporting goods. It has already started relying on IoT for asset tracking.

  • How data and connectivity is driving a revolution in the movement of goods
  • Improving freight co-ordination
  • Improving productivity and international competitiveness
  • Providing further value for customers across the value chain
  • Logistics and expanded technologies: use of drones and blockchain

John Baird
CEO, Ultimo Digital Technologies and Chairman, Cyber Security Advisory
Council for the NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation

5G future for eSports: When milliseconds are the difference between winning and losing
  • What are the common eSports problems caused by slow connections
  • Why 5G is essential to provide a consistent gaming experience in eSports events
  • Why it is essential to do all high-end computational tasks in the cloud
  • When 5G devices will be ready
  • Changing the eSports experience with VR and 360

Chris Smith
Board Member
Esports Games Association Australia

Closing remarks from the chair

End of Day Two and close of conference